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Spring utomhus

In these programs you will be invited to create a body that is stable, flexibel, and movefull.


We will explore different movements, exercises, and techniques that will help you become and stay stronger. 

In this program we will explore what we feed ourselves with. Food can be and mean so many different things. You will be invited to create a healthier relationship to food.


We will explore what food is healing for you, supplements, and also our thoughts and emotions connected to food.

Njuter utomhus

This program is for You 2.0. We will explore ways to deal with different emotions, their meaning, and message. We will put together a toolbox that you can use in different situations so you will be able to stay resourcefull and creative when being challenged. 

As well as we physically prepare ourselves for a competition or an adventure, why not prepare ourselves to handle mental and emotional challenges? Come, and get to know yourself!

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