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Food. How does that word make you feel? 

Many of us struggle with an unhealthy diet, or an unhealthy relationship with food. Some of us can not find a balance in our personal menu when it comes to nutrition and necessary vitamins and minerals etc. Some of us struggle with eating at all or eating more than enough and feel stressed around food or just the thought of food. 

Our bodies crave nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and other essentials. We feel hunger and cravings, and when our body does not get what it asks for, we feel hunger again, even if we just ate. Cravings for something special is often a craving for a specific mineral or vitamin, or something that our organs need for a better function. 

Food can be used as an escape, a reward, and or a punishment.


Food can also be a way of showing self love, self care, and responsibility for our own wellbeing and health. 

Foodfullness is what I mean with a healthy relationship between food and mind. A relationship that is healing, that makes you stronger and more vibrant, that makes you feel better and better. 

I invite you to a self investment, and a journey towards a more healthy relationship with both food and yourself. 

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