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The road to now

I, Malin Leverin, am the founder and owner of Walk With Passion. 

I have a passion for learning, to explore, and understand. That goes with everything I do, and I am curious and hungry when it comes to seeking new information.

Health, pre/rehab, and personal development is close to my heart, and in those areas, I find myself again and again looking for new information and ideas. 

My company is built on what I have learned and discovered in my own search for a stronger and more resilient body. In that search and exploration, I found that everything truly is connected, and how much we can change, not just in our physical body but also within. How we perceive and respond to what is going on, external and internal, is in both direct and indirect correlation to how good we feel in out body and spirit. 

I have found that, when I combine everything I have learned into my own life, I get the best results. When I eat what I believe and feel is healing for my body, when I have a routine for movements, and set aside time to be still with my mind; that is when I feel strongest and most energetic. This is what I want to share with you.

In my exploration I have completed many different courses and educations; massage therapist, firewalking instructor, NLP master practitioner, Strategic Intervention by the Coaching Institute, the Core 100 Coaching education by RMT Center, structural integration, craniosacral therapy,  and feet function to mention some of them. 


In addition to this I have been to different retreats, lectures, events, and privat sessions to get deeper knowledge about specific teachings and also to try it out for myself. My massage education and NLP master practitioner was held in Sweden otherwise I have mostly done my studies abroad and predominantly in the USA and Ireland. 

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