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Movement is life. It is present in every second of every day. Our heart beats, we breathe... We are never completely still. 

In my journey of dealing with a whiplash injury, I have found the importance of controlled movement. Of a body that knows how it is to be both strong and flexible in different positions. A nervous system that is awake, not in full combat mode if something happens, but a functional body that is prepared and can handle if I trip and fall. Teach your body how to fall, how to move on the ground, in twisted positions reaching around yourself towards the floor or something to hold on to.. Kids do this all the time in their playtime, imagine if we had held on to the that type of variational movements in our everyday life, how many injuries could we have avoided? Lets start exploring what our bodies are capable of! 

My morning routine is a small movement session, that involves a few stretching exercises and some freeing-the-whole-body-movements. I want to wake my body up, let it work out any settled stiffness after being asleep during the night. This is my morning coffee 😉 I want to feel the flow, easiness and alertness in my body.


I invite you to join a subscription for access to the full routine and special "problem solving" exercises.  

Teen Ballet Dancer

Free your feet

We tend to take our feet for granted. But they carry us, our whole weight. They are jointed and muscled to carry us in different positions and activities. Lets help them to do their job!

Free your spine

From our brain down our spine we have our spinal cord, nerves, and muscles that all send signals out to our whole body. A flexible, moveable, and functional spine is crucial for our body to work as it should.

Join the movement for a freer spine! 

Free your hips

The modern average person sits around 6-8 hrs. per day. That leaves its mark on how our hips function. Let us explore what we can do to counteract and prevent a reduced range of motion and the complications that can lead to! 

Free your body

Everything is connected. This program is for your whole body and includes the other specific programs and then some. Our body is ment to be moving, with variety. Come see what your body is capable of!

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