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Personal Coaching

Life can be its absolute opposites sometimes. It can be the most vivid and stunning sunset, and it can be the darkest and scariest of forests. 

Sometimes, we need someone to be there with us in the dark. Someone that can listen without judging, who can hold the space for us to just be and allow us to feel heard, seen and felt. Someone who can help us in the search of a path out of the dark forest, a gentle guiding hand or light when needed. 

Sometimes we just need more of a well directed push in order to get started on that something that we have been dreaming of doing for years. 

Whatever it is that you need, know that you are always the one in charge and the one who owns the power to make the decision that can change everything. 


Change can be scary, I know, but do you know what is even scarier? To never change at all...


As a coach, I will do my best to help and guide you in your process. To help you handle the obstacles that is between you and where you wish to be. The journey, this life, is yours and yours alone and I want to empower you to live it passionately with your heart as a compass.

Your session

The first session will mainly be focused upon sharing information. For our sessions to be fruitful we need to establish trust and some guidelines for our communication. Communication is of such huge importance, we use different words that mead different things for us. It is always a good idé to talk about how we communicate and perceive information.

We will focus on you and what it is you wish to get out of our sessions, so that we can find out how I best can be of service to you. 

Further on, we will come up with a strategy and a plan, you might get some tasks to do between sessions and we will discuss every step and evaluate together before moving forward. 

I work with different techniques that I have picked up during my years of study and exploration in the field and we will together explore what suits you.

If you wish to have sessions with your partner or a relative, we will first book you one session each so that I can get some insight about of the two of you separately first. 

Welcome to reach out if you have any questions before you book your session! 

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