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Healing for me is to offer our body and mind a space where it can heal. Healing can happen in many different ways and the beauty in it is that our body constantly renew itself and therefor also can heal. But most often a change need to happen in order for healing to happen and become lasting. If we do what we've always done we can't expect another outcome. But if we change one aspect everything can change. 

To be able to create a space where body and mind can relax and reconnect to the power and wisdom of our heart is the first step towards healing. Everything that exists has a frequency, a vibration. Let us compare it with a radio channel, we can choose a specific frequency and thus a specific radio station that we want to listen to. The same goes for us, which frequency we choose determine what we will receive. Further we can see different emotional states as radio stations, higher frequency gives delightful and healing emotions whilst lower frequency makes us more receptive to stress and diseases. 


It has a lot to do with habits, we fall easily into a routine and the same goes for our emotional states and patterns. It takes practice to become aware and to actively choose to change frequency to reach a state of healing. Every time we make a new choice, experiencing or learning something new we make a new connection in our brain, a new synapse is formed. And this connection grows stronger for every time we recreate or relive this new teaching or new state of being. And eventually we've created a new habit. 


How is this connected to healing? 

Well, the way I work with healing is that I chanalize a higher frequency which can help You to rise in your frequency and allow healing to happen. I don't put any focus toward what needs to be healed, I focus on helping the body to reach a state where it can start to heal itself. Our bodies are intelligent and we need to provide the right conditions for it to use that intelligence and start to heal. By raising the frequency, making a change, new connections can be made in the brain and if you can continuously revisit that elevated state you'll strengthen that connection for every time and eventually a new habit is formed and you have created a new possibility for healing.


There are many different definitions and teaching around healing and I've taken courses in Reconnective Healing and Shamanic healing. Someone that has further influenced how I see and work with healing is the neuro-scientist and quantum physicist Dr. Joe Dispenza, who explains how healing can occur through elevated emotions. If you are interested in his work I can recommend to watch this LINK

"If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of"

-Eric Pearl

How is it done?

A healing session can also be done at a distance. The process is the same regardless if we meet in person or not. You will lie down on Your back on the massage table, or a bed/sofa- whatever works for You if the session is done at distance. You will be fully dressed and You won't be touched, loose and comfortable clothes is recommended for optimal relaxation. The session takes about 45 minutes. Your investment is 600sek. Reconnective healing is offered at distance or home visits.

For more information about reconnective healing klick HERE 

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