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Reconnective Healing is a process to recreate balance through a vast spectrum of frequencies of energy, light and information.

Energy is what we are, our soul and our body. Light is the communication between us and the universe. The information comes through the interaction with energy and light. When the reconnective healing frequencies interact with our energybody we radiate and vibrate in a higher level of light. This has been shown to restructure our DNA which results in emission of a measurably higher level of biophytonic light. Our whole being is permeated by this biophytonic field and it creates communication and connection between cells, tissue and organs in our body.

Biophytonic lightcommunication is equivalent with our nervous System- but it's faster because the information travels with light. In its resonance with our DNA and the earths grid and leylines it creates a connection between our body, soul and environment.


The Reconnection is a process that's only done once in life and it's a rapid exchange of energy, light and information that reconnects the bodies meridian lines with the earths grid and leylines. It's a process that connects us with a timeless intelligence- universe/the source/God... The Reconnection is recommended when you're ready for a change, when you're seeking your path in life or want to accelerate if you feel like you've already found it. What's often experienced afterwards is another synchronicity, like the pieces are falling into place.

"If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of"

-Eric Pearl

How is it done?

A healing session can also be done at a distance. The process is the same regardless if we meet in person or not. You will lie down on Your back on the massage table, or a bed/sofa- whatever works for You if the session is done at distance. You will be fully dressed and You won't be touched, loose and comfortable clothes is recommended for optimal relaxation. The session takes about 45 minutes. Your investment is 600sek. Reconnective healing is offered at distance or home visits.


The Reconnection is divided into two sessions of 45 minutes each with at least one nights gap and not more than 72 hrs. The session is done in the same way as a healing session but never at distance. Your investment is 333 euro, which is the same around the world.

Contact me if you are thinking about booking The Reconnection so we can set the dates together as it is a time limited division between the first and the second session. Favorably done by homevisits, at my house or yours.

For more information about reconnective healing/the reconnection klick HERE