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Massage is a way of helping the body self-heal, by working on tensed and stiff muscles one could release locked energy and gain a better circulation. My belief is that everything is connected and that one thing lead to another, that pain or stiffness can relocate and move around in order to relieve an overloaded area. Therefor I want not only to treat the “problematic” area but to search for the reason for the symptom in order to hopefully establish a more long-termed improvement.

Massage can be helpful with various symptoms such as stiffness, headache/migraine, back pain and decreased mobility. It can also improve sleep, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety.

Massage can make improvements in most cases as it also contributes to lower the level of the stress-hormone called cortisol. Which has a positive influence on the whole body and its functions. Signs that you have to high levels of cortisol might be back pain, headache, troubled sleeping, tiredness, reduced sex-lust, weight gain, bad immune system and depression.   

Every body is unique and the massage is individualized for best effect. Triggerpoint treatment, classic massage and stretching are the techniques used.

Massage is not available at the moment.

Structural Integration is a form of massage treatment that is focused on the fascia, the connective tissue. Fascia surrounds muscles, organs, blood vessles and nerves. It connects some structures and allow others to glide against eachother, it is designed to be elastic and to create a good freedom of movement in the body and it also makes sure to keep the body centered and straight and in a good relationship with gravity. Fascia can lose its elasticity due to stress, injuries, monotonous work positions.

A tightened and hard fascia can pull our muscles and bones out of their correct placement and by doing so bring you pain, reduced freedom of movement, tiredness etc.


You can make a recemblance with a spring, like the function of a shock absorber on a car. If one circle is offset from the center the spring will fold under pressure. If the spring is intact it will compress under pressure and then straighten out again. The bodys fascia works similar, so by realeasing a contraction the strain can regain its natural centered place and manage compression without folding.

I'm under education so keep an eye out for a special offer!

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