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This is a magical experience for you who is craving something extraordinary. For you who has a desire to take a step forward, for you who wants more- who wants to evolve and stretch the boundaries for what’s possible. This event offers you an experience where you become aware of your inner strength. Where you are given tools for how to rapidly change your state and move past challenges.

During a preparing seminar we will raise our energy together until we are ready to take on the challenge of the firewalk. We will explore and meet different fears, limiting beliefs and convictions that prevents us from making the progress we desire. Through awareness and acceptance of them we are given an opportunity to transform them and steer that energy in a direction that benefits us. Fears are an opportunity to growth, it is a dance that we can learn how to lead.


This event is suitable for team-building, corporate event, charity fundraising, groups of friends… We discuss the structure of the event together to fit the conditions and to get the most out of the event. Contact me today for more information. 

"You can walk on fire if the one in Your heart is greater than the one under Your feet"

- Joe High

Not yet available!

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